Setting History

The history of Smearth is not very well documented until about 100 years ago. There are records of a great war that went on for hundreds of years, during which four factions battled for supremacy on Siverow, the continent that now holds Castletown, the Capitol city of Smearth. The great war was ended when a group of rogue adventurers native to the continent made an alliance with one of the other factions and the two were able to overwhelm the others. those adventurers went on to become the saviors of the world once again when an army of ultimate evil from another universe invaded and threatened to turn Smearth into a wasteland populated by undead monstrosities created from pure pain and suffering. The true destiny of these valiant men and women was revealed when they fulfilled a thousand year old prophecy and stopped a mysterious creature known as the Dire Fiend from turning the material plane into a new Hell. Fulfilling this prophecy proved that these adventurers were the rightful rulers of Smearth, and they were crowned shortly after. They divided up the land amongst themselves, and started to work on their own personal projects.

The Age of Chaos

After securing their leadership of Smearth, Maximilian von Maxwell, Col. Elzix Angus and Saint Blasphemy Burns set off to block the Material Plane from further attack by other planes. They began experimenting with various arcane rituals designed to block incoming travelers. Using a wide range of rituals and unearthing leylines long since lost, they only achieved blocking off the Elemental Plane of Cold. The side effects from these years of experimentation were permanent however, and included dangerous rifts to other planes, and even the creation of a large floating island in the air. They also includes many changes to the game system, including Kua-Toa changing from floppy skinned frog people to viscous piranha people.

Titan Day

Many people remember this as the day when everything on Smearth changed, some see it as a positive change, others are not so optimistic. The day that the only one of the Old Gods was released from his prison and set loose on Smearth to battle the forces of the Nine Hells is still remembered by many, even many humans are still alive to remember. Even though Castletown, the site of the battle, was secretly hidden on another plane for the duration the land on which it was build was pounded into a massive crater by the awesome power of the Titan’s hammer, and the dirt blasted into structures of glass. The city survived, but was forever changed, much like the balance of power among the gods. With all of the Celestials dead and Hell in shambles, the unaligned gods took it upon themselves to help rebuild Smearth, though there is still some struggle over just how it should be rebuilt. Many cities have been restructured well beyond their previous borders, but great deal of people have flocked to tribes and other small communities, believing that the large civilizations only invite further attack.