The Whole Story

Heroic Tier

Major Villain: Emperor of Spines

Chapter I

The player characters, who had never met each other before, all answer a call for help in the city of Bilcore made by the local constabulary. Kobolds have been sighted on the outskirts of town and have even attacked a few of the outlaying farms. The PC’s make quick work of the Kobolds only to be attacked on there way back to town by a team of relatively well organized goblins who seem to be looking for them. The arrive in Bilcore to find it under attack by more goblins. The PC’s dispatch the goblins in the city hall just as the Salvation Army arrives, despite their treaty with Castletown not allowing them on Siverow soil. Major Weebalo Brenn Bahamus enlists the PC’s to get word to King Gargamel that Siverow is under attack from the Goblin Kingdom.

Chapter II

On the road to Castletown, the PC’s are attacked once again by more goblinoids that seem to be hunting them. They make a side trip to rescue a Treant being used by the goblins to pull water from it’s own Elemental Plane.

Chapter III

The PC’s arrive at Castletown and gain an audience with King Gargamel, who seems highly uninterested in either the goblin’s attacks or their mysterious plots to draw water energy with Treants. He is moderately concerned that his bride to be, Princess Apricot, has gone missing, and believes that the sinister Emperor of Spines is behind it. He does enlist the PC’s to deal with the problems, though they believe he did this just to get rid if them.
Chapter IV

With no where else to start their search, the players decide to head to Old Man Port to see Kermy , a wise oracle who runs a monastery Zorth of the city. After a few minor altercations along the way they arrive in Old Man Port, and soon after, Kermy’s Ashram. Unfortunately, the Ashram was under attack by the Emperor of Spines fat son, Ray. With a pair of old monks named after the two most popular Inn’s in Siverow looking, and taunting, on from above, they dealt with Ray swiftly and mercilessly. They released Kermy and, with luck, Princess Apricot, who was being held by Ray also. Or had she??

Chapter V

Kermy’s advice was to head for Old Man Port and keep the princess safe while he checked out a few leads. On the way back to the Port, a large airship careens over their heads on a collision course with the city. A large crash punctuates the ships decent, and the PC’s make haste for the site. They arrive in Old Man Port to find the crashed airship jutting out of the middle of the market district. Storming the ship and confronting another of the Emperor of Spines sons, Wolfgang, the PC’s stop a dangerous plot to gain access to the cities subterranean tunnels.
Chapter VI

Kermy shows back up to tell the PC’s that another Airship was seen floating in the waters to the Zouth. Given the only way to effectively traverse the ocean floor is to gain a merfolks blessing, the players charter a boat and set sail for the last place merfolk were ever seen, the reefs around a small island. Upon arriving, however, they find the reefs empty. The island is populated with a strange half merfolk, half raccoon humanoid. They agree to help the PC’s if they help rid them of a nuisance. Two sons of the Emperor have possessed a statue of the island and are making trouble for them. The PC’s cleared Ziggy and Norton out of the statue, but are then confronted by Princess Apricot, who was really Kemak, a shape changer working for the Emperor. Jack Quinn falls in love as the pretty in pink princess morphs into an evil bug monster. The PC’s then gain the merfolks blessing and leave just as the Salvation Army arrives again to dole out soup and blankets to victims of the Emperor of Spines, as well as take credit for the PC’s efforts.

Chapter VII

Traveling on the ocean floor, the PC’s encounter agents of the Emperor along with enslaved sea creatures, which tells them they are on the right trail. The trail ends at a magical bubble concealing a massive centuries old adamantium deposit on the sea floor. The Emperor only daughter, Wilhelmina, is attempting to mine as much of the metal as possible and sending up to her ship. The players dispatch her and the golem holding her phylactery. Jack decides to keep the phylactery rather than destroy it because he has once again fallen in love, and this time is holding the card to make his hearts desires to come true.

Chapter VIII

On their return to Siverow the PCs are confronted by U.E.D. mercenaries that have been supposedly hired by King Gargamel. They are arrested under suspicion of kidnapping Princess Apricot, who they were seen fleeing Old Man Port with.In transit back to Castletown, the motorized wagon carrying the PCs is attacked by Kermy, Optimus Pine, and a mysterious halfling rogue with a great sword. After rescuing the PCs, they tell them about the Kings Betrayal and the Emperors attempts to recover his lost power from the Dire Fiend. The halfling brings them to Aethis on the Rogue Hammer, only to find it under attack by more UED forces. The mercenaries have made their way into Drakeberg Mountain and are underway in their efforts to siphon the Fiends power out of the Plane of Cold without releasing him. The PCs stopped the Emperors mages from completing their ritual, however this also destabilized the seal blocking the plane, and in a burst of magical energy the PCs were transported to the icy tundra of the Elemental Plane of Cold and rendered unconscious.
Chapter IX

The PCs awoke to find themselves in a small dwelling just as a large man in animal furs left. Leaving the home of their rescuer, Jack decided he could use the same method to escape the plane as he had to arrive there, going to sleep. After a short nap he arrived in the Urf’s village, who agreed to help the party if they could retrieve their shirts from the dragon Azreal’s castle. The players did, and the Urfs recovered their power. Now all that was left was to return to Smearth and stop the Emperor of spines once and for all.

Chapter X

The Emperor of Spines had taken over Fortress Von Castle and the PC’s were geared up for a final assault. After battling through the Emperors minions, that last of his children, and a partially constructed adamantium mobile fortress, they face down the Emperor himself. The Emperor paid for his crimes with his life, and the PC’s closed a book that was opened a hundred years ago. Princess Apricot took over as ruler of Castletown in King Gargamel’s absence, and made the PC’s official Royal Guardsmen.

Paragon Tier

Major Villain: Dire Fiend

Chapter XI

As the parties first order of business as Royal Guardsmen, they are assigned with putting on a play for the Ordinary Day celebration. Thousands of people are gathering in Castletown for the 100 year anniversary of the day that Smearth was united under one Von Banner, and the party is to portray the Old Kings confrontation with Overlord Grag, one of the Dire Fiends generals of Aethis. Hoping to put on a first rate performance, the party delves into the Fortress Von Castle’s extensive library for information about the shady happenings the took place 100 years ago. Uncovering the true story of what happened wasn’t easy, but they succeeded, and portrayed the events on stage before half of the continent. The party came to an abrupt stop when a large, dark man appeared on the stage with them. He proclaimed that his name was Max, and that he was taking over as rightful heir to the throne of Castletown. After putting a stop to the ceremony and retiring to the Fortress Von Castle, King Max invited the party to see him. Half of the party agreed to meet him, and the other half went back to the library to meet a scholar who would know if this claim was legitimate. The latter found out that not only was the claim legitimate, but someone had set ablaze to the part of the library that held the Old Kings records of what happened in Aethis. The group who went to meet the new king was offered the honor to keep their posts as royal guardsmen. Their first assignment would be to collect 3 artifacts from around the world left behind from the Old Kings. The group agreed to this, and then bolted for Old Man Port. Once again they met with Kermy and discussed a plan of action. A short trip later and they were in Sohim Sarak, and they found out that the artifact they sought was a chunk of Saint Blasphemy Burns’ armor, and were quickly on their way.

Chapter XII

Kermy meets the group and tells them where the other two artifacts are located. The first is somewhere in Aethis, and the second is located in Daren Guarde (Darkenon). Kermy then leaves to gather further intelligence on King Max. The players are first instructed to go to Aethis to find whatever is there. They are told to contact the expedition that set up there about six months ago about finding the hidden artifact. Upon the parties arrival at Aethis they are attacked by various constructs. The expedition team is hiding in a bubble of cooled lava flow coming from the main district of the once great city. They are told that the artifact is located in the very chamber that once housed the Dire Fiend and his closest generals. The artifact itself is a old puzzle box located on a large sized creatures throne. They open the box and Asmodeus appears. The box was apparently a gift to the one of the Old Kings. He agrees to show the party what happened in the room 100 years ago.He creates an arcane flashback of the old party fighting past the Fiend’s guards and a confrontation with the Fiend itself, though it’s appearance is masked by an illusion of dark clouds swirling around him. The party sees the Old Kings trapped in a no win situation and Max agreeing to name the Dire Fiend his successor to the throne. In return he will go to the Elemental Plane of Cold and let the kings seal it off for good. Not sure exactly how the Fiend plans to benefit from this, the kings agree to these terms. The new King Max is the Dire Fiend !!

Chapter XIII

With their new information, and artifacts in tow, the party makes a rush for Darkenon. Knowing the city is hidden away in a realm of darkness, they follow the lore and find the darkest, quietest corner of the forest on Siverow and go to sleep. They awake in the outskirts of the city amongst the sleeping soldiers of an army of ultimate evil. Long story short, they find the artifact, and the dark horseman of Daren Guard arrives to confront them. He turns out to be the Dire Fiend also, the split soul of a disgruntled celestial hell bent on getting vengeance for a past wrong. The party defeats him, but his death breaks the spell holding Daren Guard in it’s realm of darkness, and awakens the sleeping army.

Chapter XIV

With the dual threat of the Dire Fiend and the army of ultimate evil overthrowing Darkenon and then moving on to Castletown, the party heads for Kermy’s monastery to see what he’s found out. When they arrive Kermy is acting strange and they find out he has been a doppelganger pretending to be Kermy to get the party to help release the Dire Fiend. they defeat the evil Kermy and find and release the good Kermy, who tells them that the Fiend is planning on using the Old Kings work designed to prevent travel to Smearth from other planes, to prevent souls from escaping when they die. This, he hopes, will eventually loose the war for the Celestials. To do this, he has to reprogram 3 key leylines unearthed by the Old kings. The first is on the Shire, and the players head there immediately. They arive just in time to stop the Fiends agents from completing there goals, and with there own arcane know how, shut down the leyline once and for all. Even though the energy flowing from the leyline was all that was keeping the shire afloat, the halflings there had planned ahead, and flew several hundred kites to keep the island in the air, somehow.

Chapter XV

Knowing there time is running short as the evil army has already sacked Darkenon and will soon turn there attention to Casltetown, so they make haste for the next leyline, to be found on the Elemental Plane of Cold, in the dragon Azreals caslte. Soon after arriving, they find their friends the Urfs, have been corrupted by some evil force, and with their shirts returned, they are a force to be reckoned with. After reaching the castle, the team decides to split up, an although most of them meet up unscathed, Odin is overrun by evil undead moths. After being rescued by a strange blinking dog, he is revived, but permanently infused with the spirits of the moths. Once they are all rejoined, they combine there efforts to make it to, and permanently disable the leyline.

Chapter XVI

The final leyline rests below the mountain goblin city on the northern parts of Siverow. Ariving in the goblin city they find it almost abandoned, save for a single light on in a diner in the center of the city. Upon entering, they are swarmed by zombies, and their defeat almost apears imminent, when members of the Goblin City Police Department (GCPD) Heavy Objects and Pointed Sticks (HOPS) team arrive to help them escape. they tell them whats been going on once they reach the relative safety of King Bowie’s keep. The catacombs beneath the goblin city house the preserved bodies of an ancient race of humans that once inhabited the hills. A trio of Reapers was dispatched to the catacombs an unknown time ago and have since been raising the bodies as undead slaves. The purpose of this was to create a suitable distraction so the dire fiends forces could work on the leyline in peace. The upper layers of the catacombs as well as the streets of the city are now swarming with zombies, while the lower catacombs, including where the leyline rests is crawling with skeletons. If the players hope to stem the tide of undead long enough to dispel the leyline they will need to find the three reapers raising them. After dispatching the reapers they successfully dispel the third and final leyline. With the Fiends plans all shot down, the party looks to the final conflict. Castletown!

Chapter XVII

In a strange attempt to infiltrate Castletown, the party disguises themselves as “Most certainly NOT the Old Kings”. Their weird plan works, and they gain access to the city in these disguises. They discover that the much of the city has been converted to prison space. The Fiend is concerned that the army of ultimate evil has infiltrated the city and is imprisoning most of the populace as a result. The party is quickly captured by the Royal Guard and locked away in the cities Colosseum with several hundred other citizens. Only with the help of their stalwart companion Grotis, they escape and rescue the rest of the prisoners. They confront the Fiend outside of the Fortress Von Castle, but he is protected by a magical crown. The party retreats, and soon are told by Kermy that in order to get the crown away from him, they will need to find Maximilian Von Maxwell, and get him to reclaim the throne.

Chapter XVIII

The party embarks on the quest to find Maximilion von Maxwell. This quest brought them to many corners of Smearth, but finnaly they found the legendary Dog, Coyote, or Blinky as he was known to his followers, The Old Kings. Blinky directed the party to the first layer of Hell, Avernus. King Maxwell was hiding out there because in all of his journeys, the devils had been the most reasonable beings he met. They found Maxwell in the town of Darkspine, renting a room in the Inn, and meeting with the Lord of the First, Bel, for regular chess games. The Old King was not easily convinced that he should help, and it took subduing him and dragging him back to the material plane to seal the deal. During the scuffle, a page made it out of Jack’s diary, and was found by Bel. Bel gained some insight into Jack’s motivations, and when Jack found out, he wasn’t happy.

With the Old King Max, the party stormed Fortress Von Castle, fighting past all of the Fiends guards, and confronted him in the Room Von Throne. The Fiend confessed to all his sins, and that even in death, he could get his revenge on the Celestials. Even with the help of The Corrupter, the powerful Ice Archon that once helped him command half the plane, he could not fight the party off. After he was dead, Old King Max officially crowned Princess Apricot the leader of Castletown, and headed back to Hell to finish his chess game.

Chapter XX


Epic Tier

Major Villain: Asmodeus

Chapter XXI

After a year of tending to private matters, the parties downtime was interrupted by a call for help from Bilcore, a small town on the Zestern shores of Siverow. It’s residents had seen signs of trouble brewing in The Forbidden Forest to the Zorth, and has sent several Heroic Tier NPCs to determine what was going on. When no one returned they called for help from Castletown, and the Princess sent her star Guardsmen, the party, who responded swiftly and surely, by hiring a group of Paragon Tier NPCs, who never returned. Eventually they decided to go look for themselves, and discovered a Devil worshiper cult operating out of the Forest. Along the way they discovered the Baby, who had no memory of who or where he was, but since he was a skilled rogue, they invited him to join their group. Also his amnesia presented them with the opportunity to scam him and make him do stuff. After stomping out the Devil Cult threat, the party was once again harassed by the Salvation Armies leader, Brenn Bahamus, who claimed responsibility for killing the cult. The part decided it would be easier to let him lie than argue, and they moved on. Not before Bahamus told them of the mercenaries he had hired to do the job for him, so he wouldn’t have to break the vow not to enter Siverow, even if it was with the Princesses blessing. Hoping that a scrap of parchment he found in his pocket was connected to the mercenaries, the Baby asked the party to make a trip to the HQ.

Arriving at the Raven Wood HQ in a dark forest in the middle of the night may have been a bit unsettling for lesser heroes, but the party was unshaken. They met with the guilds leader and determined that they were impostors. The supposed guild leader asked them to spend the night, and head out in the morning, and they agreed. With the knowledge that they were in danger, the party brought the fight to them, and discovered that the impostors were yet another Devil Cult. After an interrogation, they discovered that the cults had been contacted by their Devil Lords and ordered to do the things they had done, then wait. Asmodeus was rumored to have a new weapon to fight the Celestials, and they were doing these things to help him test it. After rescuing a few surviving members, the party met Thomas again, and he did nothing but act shady, tell them a few innocuous things, then leave. The party was a little confused, but decided to report back to Bahamus before making any more moves.

Chapter XXII

Back in Bilcore, the party discovers that Brenn Bahamus had been given authority to operate on Siverow soil until the treats of the Devil worship cults had been dealt with. Since the party left for the mercenary HQ, the cults had started causing a great deal of trouble, and the Salvation Army was worried. Fortunately, a large number of people showed up out of the forests around the town with similar stories to the Baby. No memories and skilled fighters all, they enlisted to aid the Army and were welcomed with open arms. They were dispatched to different sections of the area to deal with the cults, but many had not reported back. Bahamus asked the party to go look for them, and after a thorough search of the are, they tracked the enlistees to a Devil compound. They had been captured, but not by the worshipers, who were all dead. They were captured by Thomas. Thomas attacked the party, but was killed, and they rescued the soldiers, but were offered little explanation from Thomas for his actions. Only that he “wasn’t going to watch another world die because someone was afraid to do the right thing.”

Chapter XXIII

Returning once again to Bilcore, the Party learned that a massive gate had been opened near Castletown, and on the other side, Hell. Making their way there, the party and The Nimbus get ready for a fight. The new recruits formed the front line against the impending attack. When the devils came, they came in force, and the invasion was quick and bloody, even though not a single Hellish hand struck mortal flesh. Asmodeus himself led the attack, and with a wave of his hand, he destroyed all of the new recruits, who he referred to as his children. He made a point to single out the Baby and offer him his rightful place at his side, as the new weapon that won the war against Celestia for him. With the massive influx of evil souls, Hell was able to overthrow the Celestials once and for all, and now the Material Plane belonged to the devils. But, as the Lord of Hell attempted to exert his control over the plane, something stopped him. The war was not over, at least one Celestial had survived, and until they devils found it, the Smearth could not be theirs. Asmodeus ordered his forces to tear the plane apart looking for the survivor, then retreated back through the portal. In the face of the nightmarish horde that faced them, the party and Brenn Bahamus decided it would be better to run than be killed fighting. They boarded the Nimbus and set course for the Smoon, pursued by devils hungry for destruction. The Nimbus and her crew fought bravely, but in the end, right before reaching her goal, her dark matter engines were badly damaged. The ship went into free fall, a ten minute long free fall that gave most of the crew and the party time to escape. All except Brenn Bahamus, who remained on board to pilot the ship into the gate that linked Smearth to Hell, even if only temporarily. The Party made a dash for the Smelevator. When it’s doors opened Thomas greeted them, kicking a large Earthy device out the door. As the Party climbed in and started to make their way to the Smoon, a huge explosion rocked the ground below and severed the link to Smearth.

Chapter XXIV

After escaping the rampaging devils below for the time being, the party looked to Thomas for answers. He explained that the Baby was the weapon sent by Asmodeus to destroy Celestia, but instead of fighting Celestials, he was designed to fight evil people on Smearth so their souls would be sent to Hell to fuel their armies. He was also programed to resurrect each time he died, and each time would go to Hell for a short time and loose a little bit of his humanity. Because of this, he asked the party to find a way to kill him permanently if he was to die again. Thomas explained that the reason he knew this was because he was created on Earth for the same reason, and that the Devils were unable to exert full control over the plane meant that there was still at least one Celestial left alive to prevent the Devils from claiming victory. They set out to find Valera Ballard under Thomas’ advice, because of her previous involvement with Celestials. Finding her in the Wood of Petrified Ancients, she directs them to The Harbinger of Salvation on Ghostwraith Island, and with her help, they convinced The Harbingers leader, former Leader of the Salvation Army, Saint Blasphemy Burns, to help them. They told the party of the Staff of the Titan, and their god that was contained within it. The staff was traded to the devils long ago by the Old Kings and should be in Hell, under the devils own noses. Burns was convinced that the Staff was still intact, because their paladins and clerics still had all their powers, so the party headed for Hell to find it. However, when they arrived, they found it under attack by demons. The devils had put all their chips on moving to Smearth, so the top few layers of Hell were sacrifice to the demons to keep them busy long enough for them to escape. After locating where the staff was supposed to be and wasn’t, a messenger from Bel arrived, he told them where the staff was, and that he was going to betray Asmodeus. Bel was angry that his layer, Avernus, was the first to be sacrificed, after so many eternities of loyal service. Traveling to Avernus, the party found the staff in Bel’s keep, and that the very layer was being destroyed by the Demons. They were also met by Valera who told that Thomas had been killed again trying to fight of Devils attacking Smearth. Now they would have to find a way to safely release the vengeful god within the staff and find a way to stop Thomas before his Devil side became a problem for the whole plane. With this news also came a new plan. Ancient texts had revealed the existence of powerful artifacts made by the famous dwarf, Dwarfvinci Dwarfvinci. These artifacts, that were gifted to the cestials that the dwarf worshiped, had a secondary function of being able to control the Titan when brought together. These devices would need to be found as soon as possible, and in the mean time, the staff was to be stored in Darkenon, guarded by Knight Captain Samuels and the Castletown Royal Guard for the time being. Valera, and the survivors of the Nimbus crash also garrisoned there, along with Bel, and his remaining Devils.

Chapter XXV

Arriving at the teleportation circle in Celestia, the party is quickly attacked by angel zombies, being raised by an unknown force. They are plagued by constant attack by zombies and other horrors created from the deaths of thousands of Celestials. The bodies of the former inhabitants litter the streets and even the glowing sun on Pelor’s temple is glowing dimly. When they arrive at the temple they find a series of power wells Pelor set up to fuel his paladin’s and clerics, including one for Bridgemon. Through a set of powerfully locked doors designed to keep out those not good enough, the party found the first artifact, a pair of goggles that allows them to see as a Titan. Inscriptions in the band lead them to Bahamut’s main temple, and the party is confronted by a angel lich, who is bent on killing anyone else who dares loot his plane. They killed the crap out of him and found the second artifact, a pair of boots that let the wearer take a titan step. The parties search was interrupted by Valera, who showed up to tell the party that Darkenon was under attack by Devils, and that their help was needed.

Chapter XXVI

Back on Smearth, a mighty war was being raged at the gates of Darkenon by Mephistopheles forces. The Devils had even resurrected the Mobile Fortress and equipped it the legendary Soul Cannon, and enough gnomish technology to allow it to burrow deep underground. The Mole-ble Fortress opened the assault with a massive blast from the cannon, tearing open a hole in the cities walls and weakening it’s defenses severely, then disappeared underground. The party quickly took to fighting off the higher tier threats in the army, while Samuels and his forces dealt with the paragon threats. Initially, the waves consisted of undead, and eventually, Wilhelmina, Daughter of the Emperor of Spines, discovered that Jack was among the cities inhabitants, and ordered her forces off. She had been hired by Mephistopheles, and now even boasted infernal pact warlock powers, but could not bring herself to fight Jack. She even ordered he forces to fight the devils, giving Darkenon’s defenders a chance to regroup and rest. After reconnoitering, the party defended the city against several more threats, including an incursion by Asmodeus into the very vault the staff was being stored in. The attackers were pushed back, and looking to press the advantage, the defenders took the fight to the attackers, destroying Mephistopheles’ flagship siege engine and dismantling his leadership. With the army in full retreat, the party was not met with rejoicing, but anger. The reason Mephistopheles had attacked was that citizens of Castletown had taken refuge in Darkenon, and they were outraged because they believed it was the party that brought the attack upon them. Apparently, in the parties absence, Asmodeus had been spreading propaganda that they had helped pave the way for his invasion. Suddenly, Thomas showed his face in the crowd, and now he appeared to be turning into a devil. He confessed his plan all along had been to trick the party into killing of Mephistopheles forces so he could take control of Hell for himself. He attacked the party, who soon saw trough his devilish disguise and knocked him unconscious. They took him prisoner and the citizens who now believed that Thomas was the villain, demanded he be executed. With his execution set for dawn, the Baby broke him out of jail and with the help of Beardy, swapped him with another prisoner. Thomas was resistant, however, as he claimed that the only way for the plan to work was for him to die, eventually confessing that he wanted to die because of what he had done on Earth. It is yet to be seen if he means killing so many evil people and fueling hells army, or if there are more sinister deeds in his past that he wishes to atone for.

Chapter XXVII

The party returns to Celestia to recover the final two artifacts, and follows the trail to Avandra’s temple. Inside they discovered the private paradise of Major Mon Capitan Jingle Jangle Hockey Puck Krandel Clark Bar Dipstick VIII Esq. Billy Bobber Skittles Skin Flute Christopher Brick Thompson Von Nickle Dangle Knacker Thrasher of Gambelpot, who claimed to be the Babies grandfather, though in his deluded mental state, the party was unsure if they should trust him. He claimed that Avandra had given him a box to keep safe, and it likely contained what they were looking for. It didn’t take long for the party to discover that it had been taken by the Soha Pact, or at least the simulated ones in the Major’s fantasy. Storming the Soha castle, the party liberated the case from the beholder running the joint and recovered the Gauntlet of Infernal Command, a cursed dark metal glove that will allow the wearer not only to control the fire throwing arm of the Titan, but the forces of Hell in Asmodeus’ absence. Leaving, the party headed for Moradin’s mountainside keep. They found, however, nothing. A few rituals later, they arrived at Dwarfvinci’s workshop, and the crazy old dwarf seemed to be expecting them. He handed over a mighty hammer, and with the only word he spoke, named it “Mojnir”, the final artifact. Leaving, the party was confronted by what appeared to be the aspect of Asmodeus, though after kicking it’s butt, discovered that it was in fact Dispater, under control of Asmodeus. It seemed that the lord of the Ninth was getting desperate to stop the party.

Chapter XXVIII

Returning to Darkenon, the party receives some bad news, not only has the sun gone out completely leaving the Smoon as the only source of light on the plane, but Castletown, the very capitol of the Smearth had been destroyed by an attack by the devils. Not only that, but Thomas had stopped by to visit Valera, who told the party that she no longer supported their decision to let him live. He had told her that before he had left Earth he had destroyed the only weapon that was capable of repelling the Devils attack on their plane, a Titan, secretly made by Thomas because of his knowledge of what was to come. When the time came to deploy it, however, the governments of his world refused to accept his offer to help, instead branding him a criminal. Not long after, when the war was almost lost, they sought Thomas out to beg him to use his weapon, but he refused. Instead he blew the Titan up as he and the rest of his people evacuated Earth, but the last person to come through, Valera’s sister, was killed when the Titan exploded, destroying the gate and sealing off Earth forever. With this new information,the party made a break for the court of Erathis, the controller of the game, to find a way to make the devils fight somewhere other than Smearth. What they found was Asmodeus, and a fake Erathis. After defeating the fake, and Asmodeus fleeing, the real Erathis showed up, and showed to the party that the only place the Titan could be released is Smearth. She did agree to grant the Smearthlings one month to prepare for the coming battle, more than enough time to evacuate everyone from the conflict zone, Casletown, or as it was now known, Dust Von Rubble. Returning to Darkenon once more, the party informed Knight Captain Samuels of their deadline. Learning that there were several issues on Smearth that needed taking care of, including the disappearances of General Plot D. Vice and Wilhelmina the lich and some strange activities in the skies above Dust Von Rubble, they party decided to let Bel take care of ferrying the refugees to the Smoon on their new spelljammer, the Inferno. The Baby decided to use this time to go look for his family on the Shire, and temporarily parted ways with the group, as they set out for the dark wasteland of Dust Von Rubble. Once there, they crossed paths with an injured old man who insisted that he had been attacked by “giant aliens” from the Astral Sea. The party quickly realized that they were dealing with Giraffes, deadly creatures native to the Astral Sea who were likely looking at their plane as a new feeding ground. They confronted the giant aberrations as they sifted the ruins of Castletown in search of prey, and easily defeated them. Searching the Giraffes belongings, they realized that they were merely a scouting party, and if they had reported back, the area would likely be swarming with them, definitely disrupting the coming battle. They also discovered a few rock samples that seemed to suggest that the ruins in which they stood were recently created with an arcane ritual. After a short investigation and casting a few rituals themselves, they discovered that the real Castletown structures were hidden away in the place of darkness, formerly inhabited by Darkenon. Traveling there, they discovered the Dire Fiend, who had escaped from Hell with the help of Thomas, who had convinced him to save the people of Castletown from an impending Devil attack in the same way that he saved Darkenon so many years ago. After making sure that the cities inhabitants, including Princess Apricot, were unharmed, the party agreed to keep the secret, though they were disappointed with the Baby for letting Thomas live in the first place. The Dire Fiend also assured them that after the battle had concluded, he would be heading back to Hell to pay the rest of his penance, after all, the celestial were dead and he had his revenge. The quest took a strange turn when, in an effort to catch up to the baby, Jack sent the party to the Shire, where the Baby had just found out that his family had not lived there in hundreds of years. He had been abducted near the beginning of the Great war, not the end as originally been thought. Pausing to celebrate Ordinary Day at the house of the aptly named, Chad’s Halfling Ranger’s house, the party was shocked to discover that the Jack that arrived was none other than General Plot D. Vice, attempting to discover a sinister plot by Asmodeus, who was masquerading as C.H.R. to lure the General into his trap. The trap worked unfortunately, and the party discovered that the lord of the ninth had abducted several of their loved ones with the unwilling help of Wilhelmina, and was attempting to trade them for Bel. The party ended this threat and rescued their family members, along with an undercover Bridgemon. With all their loose ends tied up, they traveled to Dust Von Rubble to await the newly named Titan Day. Also, to hold a Parcheesi tournament.

Chapter XXX

With the tournament over and Asmodeus and his forces arriving for the final battle, the party regrouped and prepared to unleash the old god. Before long the titan was towering over the conjured ruins of Castletown and doing battle with the forces of hell still loyal to Asmodeus. In the first wave, the lord of the ninth sent Mephestophelies with the Mole-bile Fortress to weaken the titan with the soul cannon, but ultimately meet his doom. With the titan wearing down, Asmodeus took to the field. He channeled immensely powerful magic through Lymon, but even his greatest spells could not defeat the Titan. With hi forces in shambles, he surrendered. Just as he was about to retreat back to hell, Erathis and the other neutral gods appeared and together revoked his godhood for cheating again. He retreated to the only place he still held power, his fortress on Nessus. Knowing that they should strike him down before he could amass any more power, the party took the SS Inferno to hell, with Bel and the Avernus legion close behind. In a daring assault on Asmodeus’ fortress, which was also under attack by Demogorgon, the party infiltrated the fortress and while Bel held of the demonic forces including the Tarrasque. In a climactic battle, the party defeated the lord of hell.


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